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Best Rental Inspection Practices

As a property manager, it is imperative that you conduct regular inspections on your rental units. Failure to do so brings a number of risks, including costly damage to your property, or danger to your tenants. Below are some best practices for move-ins, move-outs, and periodic inspections.

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Simplifying Maintenance Management

Reducing maintenance problems by automating tasks improves efficiency and minimizes costs.

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A Resource Guide For Renters

From design inspiration to where to buy, we bring you our favorite resources for the perfect apartment.

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How Technology is Changing Property Management

How technology is disrupting the rental industry and how to leverage it to save time and money.

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Why Venmo or P2P Payment Apps Are Not Suited for Rental Transactions

There are numerous reasons why P2P apps are not great tools for property managers. Privacy, fraud, and transaction limits are a few reasons why it would be advantageous to shy away from using Venmo for digital rent payments.

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