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When A Maintence Call Goes Wrong.

Alex Britton

Do the words “maintenance request” make you cringe? It could be coming home to your apartment to find the AC won’t work in the middle of summer, the hot water won’t turn on in the dead of winter, or maybe it’s just that the fridge doesn't appear to be on after a long day of work. I am sure we can all think of our own horror stories and these problems only become worse when you don’t know who to reach out to or how long it will take to get resolved.  

Nothing compares to a situation I had while renting in college.  The story of when my landlord showed up while I was having a party. It happened over the summer when I had stayed in town for an internship. I had come home on a Friday, after a long week of work, to find that my fridge was not working and a bag of groceries I had just bought were a few hours away from spoiling.  I did what I thought was the easiest thing to do, I called my landlord and left a message (after spending 10 minutes looking for his number!)  Well 24 hours later and 50 bucks down the drain for the groceries, I finally got a call back from my landlord that he was on the way over.  The problem was I had a small gathering at the house, well over the amount of people I would want my landlord to walk in on.

It turns out that the root cause of the "broken" refrigerator was that I had accidentally unplugged it while cleaning the night before And while my landlord ended up being super nice to all of the guests, it was completely humiliating when he found the problem and all he had to do was plug it back in! This is when I realized more than anything what a pain it must have been for him to drive 20 minutes on a Saturday to come fix this in front of an audience.  I guess it was worth it to him for all of the public shaming I received from my friends at the party.

Rentroom would have saved both me and my landlord the time and trouble.  I would have been able to submit the maintenance request while providing detail with a picture of the problem right from the Rentroom app. The maintenance chat functionality would have enabled my landlord and I to better coordinate a time to come over and we could have possibly avoided the scenario all together if he asked me to check the plug. Most of all, I would have saved 50 dollars on groceries, and the embarrassment in front of my friends.

If you don’t have a mobile app to submit a maintenance request than I recommend you check out Rentroom. Avoid maintenance hassles with better communication and refer your landlord today!

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