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Simplifying Maintenance Management

Alex Britton

A pipe breaks and your tenant is wading in ankle deep water. You drive 15 miles to check out a broken refrigerator only to find out that the cord was not plugged into the electrical socket. Whether speaking to landlords or tenants, maintenance seems to be a thorn in everyone's side.

There is no shortage of ways that a maintenance issue can go awry. The tenant can’t reach the super to report a problem despite leaving multiple messages. Something isn’t working but the tenant doesn’t know how to describe the problem. You can’t find the email detailing a new maintenance request and you don’t remember what unit it came from. The list goes on and on.

We can’t speak enough about how leveraging technology, or automating tasks to improve efficiency, is a valuable tool for property owners and managers, superintendents, and tenants alike. Property Management Apps allow for more of a DIY approach, minimizing uncertainty and preventing costly repairs. According to a student housing manager in New England who manages hundreds of units, using a platform to streamline maintenance saves an average of $20 per request.  

So how does it work? Communication is the key and with a live chat feature, tenants and landlords can communicate back and forth in real time. No more missed calls or lost emails to delay the process. And identifying problems is easier when the tenant can include a picture along with the description of the issue. Finding out that the refrigerator cord wasn’t plugged into the outlet before someone goes out to look at it obviously saves both time and money.

Some apps go a bit further, prioritizing maintenance tickets by ranking them in order of importance and urgency. This keeps you and your vendors organized and aware of the repair status without misplacing the request. Invoicing and paying your vendors directly from the platform expedites the process by closing out tickets faster and removes tedious accounting.

Reducing maintenance problems with property management software is a win-win for everyone involved. Learn more here.

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