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A Series of Unfortunate Events


For my senior year of college, I decided to live off campus with six of my friends. We looked forward to renting our own house- it was going to be one of the most fun experiences of our lives. But from the start, there were unforseen challenges along the way that could have been avoided.

It started with securing our lease, which requied us to deliver our security deposit, in cash, to our landlord. Then every month we had to drive 25 minutes across town to our landlord’s sketchy residence to deliver rent payments in person, which was a total hassle and very inconvenient. No one wanted to make the trek and it was always a bad time. Needless to say, this led to us getting behind on our payments.

Full disclosure, we threw a lot of darties in our house, a lot, and It wasn’t uncommon for random guys and gals to traipse through to use the bathroom or to mix in a glass of water during the events. One day while cleaning up the house after our winter beer die tournament, I realized we had been robbed. Unfortunately we were behind on payment and the cash we had saved up to pay mulitiple months worth of rent was gone! To make matters worse, a burst pipe flooded the entire 1st floor and we weren’t able to contact our landlord for 12 hours.

Later that month we were evicted because we couldn’t recover the money we owed to pay rent, and the flooding severely damaged our house, giving our landlord enough of a reason to boot us. If we were able to make rent payments and report the broken pipe from our phones, we wouldn't have gotten into this situation. We could have saved time, money, and maybe even cemented our status as off campus legends.

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