Resolve maintenance requests faster.

Notification. Respond. Fix. Repeat.

Live Chat

Chat directly with tenants to resolve maintenance issues or coordinate times for on-site visits. All communication is logged for your records.


Stack-rank tickets based on urgency and importance. Maintenance assignees can better prioritize their daily activities.


Push notifications and text messages are sent to tenants and managers.


Maintenance teams have access to a purpose-built portal. Managers can assign tasks to specific people or teams.

Incoming requests are organized

Customize your request categories. Incoming requests get handled by the correct teams.

Stay notified

Get live updates via email, text, and the Rentroom dashboard.

Get answers instantly

Have an instant conversation with tenants regarding their maintenance issue. Solve frivolous requests remotely before sending a staff member on-sight.

It's time to manage your properties smarter.

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